Pipes rerouted and repaired!

We finally had the plumber here today to repair and reroute the pipes that were "discovered" during the excavation. We'd already prepared the trenches for the new route so it was just a matter of laying the pipe.

Because the new route will run under the retaining wall footings and the pool deck, two inspection points were added just behind the rear retaining wall. We'll finish these off at ground level once the wall is completed and backfilled.

Maze of new pipes

Maze of new pipework: sewage and storm water with new inspection points (left) and new gully for the pool filter backwash (right).

We also had a gully trap put in next to where the filter will sit. We'll be using a sand filter. Sand filters are great because they don't have cartridges that need to be cleaned/replaced, but they do require periodic backwashing, which flushes the accumulated dirt out. This dirt and waste pool water needs to go down the sewer.

New sewage and storm water route - upper

New sewage and storm water route under pool deck.

New sewage and storm water route - lower

New sewage and storm water route (old pipes on the right).

With the house pipes sorted, we can move on to dealing with the pool plumbing.