Plumbing the pool shell

Suction and return fittings

As explained in the pool plumbing design post, we have a skimmer and two wall suction fittings to extract water from the pool and three return eyeballs to return water.

Layout of suction and return points

Installation of these fittings is a pretty straight forward process. The appropriate sized hole is cut in the shell with a hole saw and after smoothing the fibgreglass on the outside, the fitting is screwed into place with silicone on both sides. Although some of the fittings come with rubber gaskets, all advice (including from the pool shell manufacturer) points to throwing them away and relying on silicone exclusively, which is what we did.

Once the fittings are in place, they need to be connected to the pump and filtration system back on the equipment pad. To maximize temperature of the pool water, we decided to insulate the pipes that will be returning water to the pool. This is because we will be installing solar heating and the ground temperature around the pipes will be substantially below that of the returning water.

Insulated return water pipe on shell

Insulated return water pipe on shell.

Insulated return water pipe in trench

Insulated return water pipe in trench.
Underwater lights

In addition to lighting on the pool deck, stairs, and garden bed, we're placing two 10 Watt, underwater, white LED lights on the uphill pool wall.

The lights are installed through a hole cut into the pool shell and secured with a threaded collar and silicone. The lights are powered by a 12 Volt (pool specific isolation) transformer back at the equipment pad.